SharePoint Application for IOS

The Sharepoint App is indented to act as a front end interface for IOS users. The sharepoint App connects to the sharepoint server through the SOAP services to access the various Libraries. The App connects to the server to perform transactions such as fetch, add, update and delete data and files

  • Connect mulitple servers

  • Access Sharepoint Server in Efficient way

  • No need to configure every time

  • App will save all the configuration

  • switch from one server to another

  • Easy to manipulate data from server

  • Soap web services

  • User Friendly

Add Connection

Connection ist

Multi Connection


Lists Home


Announcement view


Contacts view


Links view


Tasks view

Team Discussion

TD view

Lists Property

Calendar Home

Weekly view

Daily view

Table view

Online Documents

Document Options

Site Pages

Offline Documents

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